Bamboo Toilet Paper

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Break Down?

A single roll of Roll Up bamboo toilet paper in new colour wrapping

Are you considering making the change from conventional toilet paper to bamboo toilet paper and are wondering if it breaks down as well? The answer is yes, but don’t just take our word for it, we’ve based our answer the people who know toilets and septic tanks best – plumbers.

Why Make The Transition to Bamboo Toilet Paper

Many people around the world are trying to live more eco-friendly lives and are making the transition to bamboo toilet paper as part of that journey. The many reasons they choose bamboo as an alternative include because of the fact it grows rapidly, regrows on its own once harvested, consumes less water and much more. All these people have learned throughout their transition that bamboo toilet paper is designed to break down and disintegrate just like traditional toilet paper or even better in some cases.

Roll Up bamboo toilet paper in gold and black packaging with a gold effect around it

Rate That it Breaks Down

The rate at which any convention or bamboo toilet paper breaks down can depend on various factors, including the specific brand and manufacturing process, the plumbing and sewage system in your area, and how well it is used and disposed of. In general, toilet paper, including bamboo toilet paper, is designed to break down relatively quickly when flushed down the toilet to prevent clogs and blockages in pipes and sewage systems.

What Professional Plumbers Think of Bamboo Toilet Paper

Most bamboo toilet paper brands advertise that their product is “septic safe”, but we didn’t want to just take their words for it, we found professional plumbers who not only think it’s a safe option, but could be a better option. The professionals at Jetset Plumbing mentioned that bamboo toilet paper could less likely block drains as bamboo fibers are software than average wood fibers and therefore the water movement caused by flushing is often enough to start disintegrating the paper. The team First Response Drainage state that bamboo toilet paper dissolves easily when it encounters the type of bacteria and fungus that is found in septic tanks and that bamboo toilet paper also does not contain any additives, helping it to disintegrate faster than its wood pulp-based counterpart.

Considerations When Purchasing Bamboo Toilet Paper

While making the transition to bamboo toilet paper, it’s important to consider the brand and type of bamboo that is used in the manufacturing process to ensure it’s ethically sourced. It’s common to look look for a designation such as FSC Certified to ensure you are supporting a brand that cares about sustainability and eco-friendliness. A brand of bamboo toilet paper that Bamboo Life is proud to sell is Roll Up – their bamboo toilet paper is FSC-Certified, septic-safe, toxin-free, and their packaging is also plastic-free. Their product has received great reviews from Bamboo Life’s customers, so we are excited to be able to get their products to more Canadian homes.

In summary, bamboo toilet paper is designed to break down in sewage systems as well as or possibly better than convention toilet paper, but the rate of breakdown may vary depending on several factors. It is generally considered a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional toilet paper made from trees due to bamboo’s fast growth and sustainability. We hope you consider the transition to bamboo toilet paper and make changes in your life to live the most eco-friendly life you can.